Welcome to my Website!

This is a work in progress! I will update it as often as I can. Best viewed in Netscape 3.0, 800*600 256 colour mode

Here's my avatar :D :

About me: Clicky Clicky!.

About my computers: Clicky Clicky!.

About my OCs: Clicky Clicky!.

My tribute to web 1.0 and it's users: Clicky Clicky!.

So my plan is for this site to have my OC ideas, random D&D stuff and maybe some of my electronics work too :D I'll also post my minecraft server info when it's online :)

So I need to figure out how to do code for this, i'm pretty dyslexic so I'm probably going to use old software from back in the day to make my site, then strip the code down to old style HTML to maximise space available! I remember when you could get a website that only allowed 100MB of total content so 1GB is huge! :D

Just to prove the site is still being updated, I am writing here on 31/01/2023. I have obtained a copy of Adobe Pagemill to hopefully increase the speed at which I can upload content as the built in editor is good, but my code isn't :)